Threads - MAGNETIC TAPE & SOUL cover art


Threads - MAGNETIC TAPE & SOUL feature image
Threads - MAGNETIC TAPE & SOUL feature image
From Theories Of Atlantis: We are super honored to be able to host the newest offering by the incredible Threads collective. The Threads guys are a group of filmers, editors and creatives working out of their own different areas of the USA to capture raw, underground street skating with their own very unique approach to filmmaking. We are big fans of their work and their latest full length is here! "Magnetic Tape & Soul". So, sit back and enjoy skateboarding from: Chattanooga, TN Baltimore, MD Atlanta, GA and Long Beach, CA


1. Intro: 
Scowl - Seeds to Sow
2. Edgar Hernandez, Branson Howard, Andrew Edge: 
Medicine - Time Baby III
3. Kaleb Mann, Cameron Dell, Nick Guertin: 
Bobby Darin - Not for Me
4. Montage 1: Nick Guertin, Josh Wilhite, Josh Shupe, Matt Creasy, Wil Harcrow, Alex Rose: 
The Rolling Stones - Dead Flowers
5. Montage 2: Hartman Austin, Nick Guertin, Walter Roddy, Fletcher Renegar, Jim Arnold, Randy Rhodes, Warner King, Blake Moore: 
Lee "Scratch" Perry - Soul Fire
6. Montage 3: Yoon Sun Shin, Myles Willard, Brian Powderly, Jake Rupp, Ben Schmidt, Josh Ferguson, Herbert Brown ("Herb"): 
The Beach Boys - Here She Comes
7. Herbert Brown ("Herb"): 
High Vis - Walking Wires
8. Montage 4: Herbert Brown ("Herb"), Nick Guertin, Cameron Dell, Hartman Austin, Jon Morefield, Jim Arnold, Matt Creasy, Nathan Kostechko: 
The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
9. Montage 5: Jonny Palmer, Zane Jeanne, Noe Norris, Mikey Chim, Josh Wilhite, Jestin Davila, Mike Bloodsworth, Evan Goss Baker: 
Nas - Represent (Remix)
10. Jonny Palmer / Outro: 
Procol Harum - Juicy John Pink