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Here is Pacemaker, the 5th video offering from threads. Pacemaker, was built on the concept of being more of an edit tape than skate video, a collection of the skating captured from going out with your friends over the course of a year. A nearly identical cast to the original threads video, pacemaker features: Nick Guertin, Cameron Dell, Jim Arnold, Randy Rhodes, Garrett Haschke, Shane Farber, James Coleman, Hartman Austin, Andrew Edge, and David Clark. We hope you enjoy watching, and in turn continue making videos with your friends, keeping the edit tapes alive. - Interlude One: Hometown Hits -Interlude Two: The Rat Race


1. Intro: 
Tommy Guerrero - [Interlude] Train of Thought
2. How To Make An Edit Tape: 
Falling Stones - Don't Hang Me High
2. Parking Lot Problems: 
Radiohead - Md120
3. : 
Mama Thornton - Hound Dog Big
4. Impossible The Generation Gap: 
5. James Coleman: 
Lole y Manuel - Tú Mira
6. Unquanti-fable: 
Charles Bernstein - Crane/White Lightning
7. Rat Race Rewards: 
8. The Invisible Finish Line: 
Brian Eno - Third Uncle
9. : 
Brian Eno - Put a Straw Under Baby