Titus - Schuss Oder Schere!

Titus - Schuss Oder Schere! cover art
full-length (40 min)
It had been 10 years since the last real Team Titus video, “T-Boards: Trouble”, and the pants were getting tighter (although they weren’t on a skinny fit level, yet). Pro-rider and team manager Benni Markstein along with mastermind Thorsten Frank and a team consisting of Lem Villemin, Jerry Reinhard, Ilja Judizki, Lung Kailung, Thilo Nawrocki, Michi Dufner and Jascha Muller started an ambitious project. A real, half-hour video should be released with the intention to turn all kinds of heads. This quality of skating, production, music and the over-all flow of the video was, for a German company, pretty much groundbreaking! The title of the video means “shot or cut”, the idea was that a trick had to be super bad-ass or it would be cut. Ain’t no half stepping!


intro #1: 
Nobody - Porpoise Song
intro #2: 
Mando Diao - Motown Blood
Lem Vellemin: 
This kid named miles - Ring of fire
Jeremy Reinhard intro: 
Sharkey - Warming up for a scissor fight
Jeremy Reinhard: 
The go team - Ladyflash
Ilja Juditzkij / Lung Kailung: 
The go! Team - Huddle Formation
Eight Dayz - The edge of dead
Thilo Nawrocki, Ingo Naschold, Tina Neff, Claus Grabke: 
Eight Dayz - What's so strange about me?
Roy Ayers - Green and gold
Michi Dufner intro: 
Rodney P - Vibes
Armin Lowenstein Mosch intro: 
Eighteen Visions - Dead rose
Armin Lowenstein intro: 
Eddie Roberts - Every goodybye
Armin Lowenstein: 
The go! Team - Get it together
Benni Markstein intro: 
Eddie Roberts - Every Goodbye
Benni Markstein: 
The go! Team - Junior kickstart
Benni Markstein outro: 
Marius No. 1 - ?
Jascha Muller intro: 
Duplex Inc. - Don't make me want you
Jascha Muller: 
Shine - Popbitch
Edo G - Streets is callin' (feat. Pete Rock)
bonus - mix street: 
Baldread & The Raggamuffin Crew - Push up
bonus - Lissabon trailer: 
Henrik - ?
bonus - Lem will mehr: 
Christian Golz - ?