Tony Hawk's Secret Skatepark Tour 3

Tony Hawk's Secret Skatepark Tour 3 cover art
tour (55 min)


Last Secrets - The Hell with This Whole Affair
Intro #2: 
Innaway - Stolen Days
The Demo: 
Bedroom Walls - Somewhere in Newhall
The Demo #2: 
The Big Sleep - Son of the Tiger
The Demo #3: 
The M's - Never Do This Again
The Secret: 
Poets of Rhythm - More Mess On My Thing
The Secret #2: 
The Sugarman Three & Co. - Promised Land (feat. Naomi, Davis)
The Secret #3: 
Innaway - Tiny Brains
The Inspiration: 
Emile Millar - America Waves
The Crew: 
Innaway - Threathawk
The Crew #2: 
The Big Sleep - You Can't Touch The Untouchable
The Young Pro: 
The Nucc - Cohen Zedic
The Groms: 
Mighty Imperials - Soul Buster Part #1
The Groms #2: 
Dungeons and Drag Queens - Jonesin' For a Chesty
Marginal Man - Double Image
Friend #2: 
Poets of Rhythm - North Carolina
The Boss: 
The M's - The End is Still The A
The Boss #2: 
Bedroom Walls - Who's Been Driving Round for Days
The Independent: 
Controlling The Famous - Devil's Suitcase
The Lone Rider: 
The Budos Band - Eastbound
The Lone Rider #2: 
Mighty Imperials - Duck Hunt
The Feel Good Montage: 
Bedroom Walls - In Anticipation Your Suicide
The Travel Life: 
Snowden - Anti Anti
The Passion: 
Zion - I Mind Blow
Up from the South: 
The Budos Band - The Budos Band
The Plaza: 
Snowden - Black Eyes
The Celebrity: 
Emile Millar - Simply Seductive
The Celebrity #2: 
Midwest Product - Duckpound
The End: 
Mobius Band - The Loving Sounds of Static
The Credits: 
The Proles - Little Italy
The Credits #2: 
The Big Sleep - New Strings
Bonus Songs #1: 
The M's - Going Over It
Bonus Songs #2: 
Emile Millar - I Bet
Bonus Songs #3: 
The Budos Band - Eastbound
Bonus Songs #4: 
Innaway - Stolen Days
Bonus Songs #5: 
Slowride - You Can't Tell Me.
Bonus Songs #6: 
The Big Sleep - Murder
Bonus Songs #7: 
The Nucc - Like This
Bonus Songs #8: 
The Nucc - Awake
Bonus Songs #9: 
The M's - My Gun
Bonus Songs #10: 
The Proles - Casino Lights
Bonus Songs #11: 
Slowride - Morals of Dogma
Bonus Songs #12: 
The Like Young - For Money Or Love
Bonus Songs #13: 
The Big Sleep - New Strings