Toy Machine - Welcome To Hell

Toy Machine - Welcome To Hell cover art
Toy Machine - Welcome To Hell feature image
Toy Machine - Welcome To Hell feature image
"Chad Muska filmed almost an entire section with Jamie Thomas for "Welcome to Hell". His filming was cut short by a plague of injuries, nonentheless Chad had the last part in the original version of Welcome to Hell with plans to follow it up with another full section shortly after. In May of 1996 just minutes before the video was scheduled to be laid to tape the computer that " Welcome to Hell" was edited on crashed, causing the world premiere in San Diego to be cancelled. This was a huge disappointment for eveyone involved. In common celebration fashion, Chad was really drunk and the news hit him the hardest. A dead end argument ended with Chad and Toy Machine parting ways. Although most of his footage ended up in the TSA video with a few of his gnarliest tricks going to the first Shorty's video, his part was never seen in it's entirely. This is the first time Chad's original part as it would have been in the video has ever been shown. It has spent the last 7 years in Jamie's video archive. I would like to extend a serious thanks to Jamie Thomas and Chad Muska for making this section possible for the DVD. This an anomaly of skate video history and we are putting it out for the fans." Supporting Images: The original VHS slipcase for "Welcome To Hell", still featuring Chad Muska. (Photo Source: TheSecretTape)


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