Unabomber - Headcleaner

Unabomber - Headcleaner cover art
Unabomber - Headcleaner feature image
Unabomber - Headcleaner feature image
Unabomber - Headcleaner feature image


Vaughan Baker: 
Radiohead - Idioteque
Alan Rushbrooke: 
Modest Mouse - 3rd Planet
Parks, Demos, Fun: 
Throwing Muses - Ruthie's Knocking
Joy Division - The Sound Of Music
Toby Shual: 
The Apples In Stereo - Innerspace
John Robinson: 
Deep Purple - Highway Star
Peter Hellicar/Friends: 
The Beta Band - Inner Meet Me
James Woodley: 
Johnny Hawksworth - Roobarb
Daniel Hakansson: 
The Smiashing Pumpkins - Raindrops + Sunshowers
Mark Channer: 
Velvet Underground - The Black Angel's Death
The Ditch: 
Pixies - No. 13 Baby (nice song!)
Gustav Eden/Slams: 
Death In Vegas - Aisha
Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Happy
Franklin Stephens: 
The Jesus And Mary Chain - Cracking Up
Ali Cairns #1: 
Deep Purple - Fireball
Ali Cairns #2: 
Lou Reed - The Gun
Night Skating: 
Radiohead - Bullet Proof. I Wish I Was
Paul Silvester: 
Blind Melon - 2 X 4
Yo La Tengo - Our Way To Fall