Vision - Alphabet Soup

Vision - Alphabet Soup cover art


Mike Crum: 
DI - Richard Hung Himself
Mike Crum: 
Angry Samoans - Right Side Of My Mind
Mike Crum: 
Tender Fury - Dinning At Dianes
Mike Crum: 
Diesel Queens - O S H
Keith Gruber: 
Chris Gentry: 
LAPD - There's A Place In France
Chris Gentry: 
Decadent Dub Team - (Give Up Tha') Gold
Chris Gentry: 
DI - Guns
Ben Chibber: 
LAPD - Who's Got The Number
Joe Gruber: 
Lifeline - Nothing To Lose
Mark Cernicky: 
Tender Fury - When Love Died
Bo Ikeda: 
? - 78 Thrift Store Record
Mark Oblow: 
Dana Lynn - Circle
Buck Smith: 
Kerplunk - He Seny His Son
Buck Smith: 
Kerplunk - House Of Know One
Buck Smith: 
Kerplunk - Group Control
Shockwave - Lithuanian Surf
G. Cass: 
Angry Samoans - Lights Out
Jeff Ferris: 
LAPD - All My Life
J. Zitter: 
Dana Lynn - Line Crush
Angry Samoans - My Old Man's A Fatso