Volcom - Let's Live

Volcom - Let's Live cover art


Shane Cross memorial piece: 
Dallas Pax of The Ground Componence - Drunk By Noon
opening credits: 
Luquid Neilson Theory - Untitled Track
Jakob - Pheumonic
skating intro: 
Ed Kuepper - Also Sprach The King Of Euro-Disco
Dustin Dollin intro: 
The Disbelievers - 4th Dimension
Dustin Dollin: 
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Mercy Seat
Lewis Marnell intro: 
Birds of Avalon - Where's My Blood
Lewis Marnell: 
Cornerstone Roots - Wake Up
Totimoshi - Viva Zapata
Chris Wood: 
Year Long Disaster - It Ain't Luck
Kieran Reilly, Stevo Dugec: 
Valient Thorr - Intermission theme from 6th grade watercolon
Shane Azar: 
Valient Thorr - Rezerection
Shane Azar escape: 
The Web - Kookin' Up A Storm
Jake Duncombe intro: 
TV Rock - Flaunt It
Jake Duncombe: 
The Disbelievers - Go Girl Go
Chima Ferguson intro: 
400 Free Sound Effects - Flight Of The Beast
Chima Ferguson: 
Australian Crawl - Reckless (Don't Be So...)
team interviews: 
((sounder)) - If We All Collide In The Sun
Joe Pease: 
((sounder)) - Those Days Were Good Days (as Days Sometimes Are)
Shane Cross animation: 
RTX - Western Xterminator
Shane Cross youth: 
Birds of Avalon - Turn Gold
Shane Cross: 
The Easybeats - Friday On My Mind
credits #1: 
((sounder)) - If We All Collide In The Sun
credits #2: 
Liquid Neilson Theory - Rest In Peace Shane Cross
The No No's - Vampire Lounge