S.C.U.M. - Whitechapel
Ryan Lay: 
Secession - Touch, Pt. 1
Will Blaty: 
Secret Service - Ten O'Clock Postman
Nora Vasconcellos: 
The Style Council - The Ever Changing Moods
Jason Salillas: 
Guided By Voices - Ghosts of A Different Dream
Rick Fabro and Roman Pabich #1: 
Reality - Yolanda (Club Mix)
Rick Fabro and Roman Pabich #2: 
The Horrors - Little Victories
Jordan Sanchez: 
Ultravox - White China
Aaron Goure: 
P.M. Dawn - Set Adrift on Memory Bliss
Daniel Vargas: 
La Femme - Antitaxi
Ryan Townley: 
Mazzy Star - Be My Angel
Cocteau Twins - Crushed