Western Edition - WE3

Western Edition - WE3 cover art


Daft Punk - Robot Rock
Pat Washington: 
Bobby Blue Band - Ain't No Love in The Heart of The City
Nikhil Thayer: 
The Stooges - Down On The Street
Kouichi "Zizow" Kitamura's Interlude: 
No King Cole - My Sugar Is No Refined
Kouichi "Zizow" Kitamura's Part: 
Mad Lion - Take it Easy
Dwayne Galloway Interlude: 
Thelonious Monk - Remember
Dwayne Galloway's Part: 
Ernie Hines - Our Generation
Alexi Baris' Interlude: 
Django Reinhardt - Stormy Weather
Alexi Baris' Part: 
Buffalo Springfield - Rock'n'Roll Woman
Friends Montage: 
Fab Five - LeFleur Le Fla Eshkoshka
Yashiaki Toeda's Interlude: 
Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit
John Igei: 
Prodigy - Keep it Thorough (Adlib remix)
Brad "Bradical" Johnson's Interlude: 
John Coltrane - Mars
Brad "Bradical" Johnson's Part: 
Earth, Wind & Fire - Reasons
The Animals - San Francisco Nights
Eric Dolphy - God Bless the Child