Whathadhappenwaz cover art


The Talk - The Worst Chest Pains
Gilbert Crockett: 
Roxy Music - Remake/Remodel
Connor Champion: 
50 Cent - Bad News
Montage 1: 
Okkervil River - Black
Andrew Cannon: 
Desaparecidos - Man And Wife The Latter (Damaged Goods)
Chet Childress: 
Elvis Presley - Burning Love
Bob Reynolds: 
Montage 2: 
Elefant - Bokkie
Brett Abramsky: 
Rolling Stones - Paint It Black
Scotty Moore: 
The Mountain Goats - Oceanographer's Choice
Dan Murphy & Tyler Tufty: 
Mark Mothersbaugh - Ping Island / Lightning Strike Rescue Op
The Outfield - Your Love