World Industries - Limited Edition DVD

World Industries - Limited Edition DVD cover art


World Industries - Limited Edition DVD feature image


Intro Skit: 
Neila - Vertical Trees With Eternal Leaves
Intro Sequence: 
16 Volt - Suffering You
Graham Bickerstaff & Jimmy Astleford: 
The Switchblades - Fuel Injected Suicide Machine
Enrique Lorenzo: 
Saigon - Do You Know
Richard Flude & Jake Duncombe: 
Plan B - Burn The House
Mike Crum: 
Riff Random - See The Light
Carlos De Andrade: 
Isouljahs - No War
Chad Bartie & Mike Peterson: 
Rayon - Track 5
Day In The Life 1: 
R.U.K.U.S. Feat. Brea - They Don't Know
Day In The Life 2: 
Fencehole - Pink To Brown
Day In The Life 3: 
The Switchblades - Fun Park Death Park
Day In The Life 4: 
Neila - Rough Tides
Day In The Life 5: 
One Odd Reason - Dusk Til Dawn
Day In The Life 6: 
Hostile Groove - Ahh Shit
Bonus Footage: 
TSOL - Happy
The Switchblades - Whitey