World Industries - Love Child

World Industries - Love Child cover art



Randy Colvin: 
Dion and the Belmonts - The Wanderer
Chico Brenes: 
Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild
Daniel Castillo: 
Diana Ross And The Supremes - Baby Love
Jed Walters: 
Tokens - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Chris Branagh: 
Leroy Pullins - I'm A Nut
Shiloh Greathouse: 
Three Dog Night - Black And White
Spencer Fujimoto: 
Hair Soundtrack - Hair
Jovontae Turner: 
Stevie Wonder - I Wish
Daewon Song #1: 
The Supremes - Love Child
Daewon Song #2: 
The Osmonds - One Bad Apple
Slow-Mo & Credits: 
Ray Charles - America The Beautiful