Yesterday's Future

Yesterday's Future cover art


Tony Bennett - Rags To Inches
Carl Labelle: 
DL Incognito - Out of the Box
Ted DeGros: 
The Flaming Lips - Mr. Ambulance Driver
Micky Papa: 
Tony Basil - Hey Micky
Eastern montage: 
Non Phodon - Say Goodbye To Yesterday
Geoff Dermer: 
Gnarls Barkley - Smiley Faces
Gianmarco Alaimo: 
Ghostface Killah - The Champ
Jason Crolly: 
The Walkmen - The Rat
Paul Carter & Mike Stewart: 
K-OS - Crucial
Dave Lapchuk: 
Non Phodon - The CIA Is Trying To Kill Me
Western montage: 
Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street
Dustin Montie: 
Freestyle - Can't Let You Go
Chad Dickson: 
2Pac - Ghetto Gospel
Grant Patterson: 
T.I. - King Back
Curtis Mayfield - Keep On Pushing
The Lovin' Spoonful - Summer In The City