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From their website's "About" section: Fair Game Skateboards makes limited-edition skateboards for limited-edition skateboarders. Fair Game is for the freaks, the weirdos, the queers, the dorks, the spazzes, the nerds, and pretty much anybody who will be our friend (it helps if you’re not a total dick!). I feel like there should be a manifesto or some sort of pithy statement here, some sort of Artist’s Statement, but really I just love this shit and don’t ever want to stop doing it. Skateboarding’s amazing that way–there’s always a new direction to progress, a new trick to learn, a new spot to find. You could say, in a way, when you’re on a skateboard, everything’s …no. No, I’m not making this into some flowery nonsense about the fountain of youth. Just have fun, be cool, don’t be a dick. Ride a skateboard. Sit in the sunlight. Drink water. Stretch. Um. What were we talking about?
Fair Game + Friends, Vol. 1: TOTALLY RADICAL VIDEO! VERY EXTREME! cover
ben graham, tom alexander, joe fitzpatrick, jared hoogerhyde, ian graham , and more
Added: Monday, January 9, 2023