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From No-Comply's "About" Section (2024): Locally grown since 2007, No-Comply Skateshop is proudly rooted in Austin, Texas. Recently relocated just a few steps down the hill, we are skateboarder owned and operated and strive to share our passion and knowledge of skateboarding with our community and beyond. With 1000's of skateboards and skate shoes on hand, we maintain one of the largest selections in the nation. Whether you are a lifelong skater, a 7 year old girl looking for your first skateboard, or a 57 year old looking for your first board (again), we are here to help you get what you know you want, or choose what will work best for you and your budget. And, for all your coffee needs, we proudly host Idlewild Coffee with their premium espresso bar inside our store. With a focus on our community, we strive to help our scene grow stronger by providing a platform for local skaters to gain exposure and access a global audience through our photo and video productions. And as genuine fans of skateboarding, we seek to bring the best to Austin through meetups, video premieres, contests, signings and professional demos. In addition to being skateboarders, many of our community are hard working artists and musicians for whom we hold monthly in-store artshows presenting their work. We envision the future Austin to be a community that reinvests in itself. Consistently fundraising for causes we believe in. From donating 100's of skateboards to those in need in our community, investing in public art projects, including murals and museum exhibitions, to supporting social justice initiatives, and raising: over $600,000 for Central Texas Food Bank over $50,000 in support of mental health for the Hi, How Are You Project over $26,000 in support of The College Skateboard Educational Foundation, a platform providing college scholarship opportunities for skateboarders. $7,000 for Rosa Rebellion, a platform for creative activism and empowerment of Women of Color over $3,000 for Out Youth, a safe space for youth of all orientations and identities As well as donating skateboards to many different individuals locally, we also work to support skateboarding globally by donating for individuals in need, including skaters in Cuba, El Salvador, Africa, and more. We are grateful to have one of the best skateparks in the country in our backyard – House Park Skatepark (Heath Eiland and Morgan Moss skatepark) is just steps away. We hope to see you soon, No-Comply Fam
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