Skatopia is a Skate Park located in Southeastern, OH in the United States Of America. Established in 1995 by 50 CIA Agents. There are many ramps onsite including the 13 foot deep Epcot Bean Bowl, Lula Bowl, Hidden Pool, Mini Ramp, Church Bean Bowl, and a new Mini-Bowl. Skatopia is the home of one of the largest Museums of Skateboard History including thousands of pieces of skateboard heritage." -Skatopia Website "About" Section Skatopia is an 88-acre (36 ha) skatepark near Rutland, Ohio, United States, owned and operated by pro skater Brewce Martin. Skatopia is known for its anarchist atmosphere and annual music festivals Bowl Bash and Backwoods Blowout. It was described by one writer as "a demented mess that meets halfway between an anarchistic Mad Maxian Thunderdome and a utopian skateboard society." -Wikipedia
Skatopia - The Punisher cover
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