Snake Pit Skateshop



From the "Brick and Mortar Supply" facebook page (May 2016): The Good Dudes (I.G.D.D) recently released some boards paying homage to Melbourne's OG skate shop 'The Snake Pit'. The Snake Pit opened in ’87 & closed around 95. They had a store on Chapel st here in Prahran & one on Brunswick st in Fitzroy. Snake Pit released 2 videos - Tongue Biters in 1993 & Nancy Squad in 1995? Both videos were made by Al Boglio who was working at the store at the time. They featured the Pappas brothers , Greg Stewart, Ben Harris, Ryan Denera , & a bunch of other Melbourne heads. The graphic on the board was their main logo, The store was owned by vert pro Gregor Rankin & the Hill brothers from Globe.
Snake Pit - Tongue Biters cover
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Added: Monday, November 6, 2023