In 1958 San Francisco, an early 1940s swimwear brand, SUN-DEK of California, decided to expand their collection with the launch of a small line of nylon or cotton-nylon shorts designed specifically for the surf. Thus SUNDEK was born, one of the first brands dedicated to this sport. In the 60s SUNDEK expanded its market, expanding from California to Hawaii and the East Coast. Thanks to the innovative solutions proposed, such as the use of colorful patterns printed on cotton and Velcro closures instead of zippers , the garments soon became popular. In those years, many young surfers were sponsored by SUNDEK with a view to a campaign to promote the brand and this new sport, destined to become a lifestyle desired by many. In 1972 the era of the so-called Rainbow Boardshorts began. The technical qualities of this garment and the original design, characterized by the unmistakable rainbow, made it a true icon among surfers. Sundek continued his commitment with the sponsorship of the ESA (Eastern Surfing Association) and the "SUNDEK Invitational". Many athletes of those years, such as Kelly Slater, Sean Slater, Ken Bradshaw, Corkey Carroll and Mark Foo, contributed to the growth of Sundek and this wonderful sport. Sundek 501 - The Rainbow Family Designed in 1972 to meet the needs of Californian surfers. The characteristic double layer of quick-drying nylon with triple stitching ensures a long life. Characterized by the unmistakable rainbow on the back , these shorts have conquered entire generations of very young people, becoming among the most popular surf garments on the market. While they were once mainly used as a sports item, today they have become a beachwear classic.
Sundek - Pro / Am Skateboard Challenge cover
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Sundek Promo cover
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