3 Up 3 Down
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San Francisco, CA From Charrua Skateshop (see video link below): The Armory, a historic San Francisco Mission District building, is a significant part of the city's skateboarding scene. While its impressive architecture and history as a former military facility give it a weighty feel, the stairs catch skaters' attention. Known as '3 Up 3 Down,' these iconic stairs have made The Armory one of the most famous skate spots globally. Today, it remains a central hub for skateboarders in San Francisco, drawing enthusiasts from all over who come to skate and pay respect to its storied past. As skaters weave through the busy streets of the Mission District, The Armory stands as a symbol of resilience, creativity, and the enduring spirit of skateboarding in the city by the bay.
Avenue cover
Avenue (1999)
tommy borunda, mike barrella, sean mitchell, ray chavez, toad , and more
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