411VM - Issue 2

411VM - Issue 2 cover art
411VM #2 Sept / Oct 1993 Video Contents: -Skateboard World Championship; Munster Aug 6-8, 1993 -Belgium Pro Contest; Antwerp Aug 13-15, 1993 -Northampton Pro Contest; Northampton Aug 20-22, 1993 -Woodward Skate Camp, Pennsylvania -Visalia Skatecamp, California -NSA Amateur Finals; Encinitas, California July 23-25 -Australia, Japan, Holland, Italy, New Zealand, England -Back To The City V; San Francisco, California Sept 4-6, 1993 -Driving Around With Santa Cruz Skateboards -Wheels Of Fortune: Darryl Vaughn, Tom Penny, Richard Angelides, Tas Pappas, Moses Itkonen -Souls Of Mischief play their new single "'93 til Infinity" -Wallenberg: Simon Woodstock "float" down the 3, Jamie Thomas ollies first try to win $100, Kris Markovich wins $350 for almost kickflipping the 4. -Fine Tuning: Brad Hayes, Eric Koston (w/ Chico Brenes) -Grapevine Videos: HB video out now, Planet Earth's "Cat's Cradle" out soon, Invisible video out soon, Blockhead video out soon, Trust video out soon -Grapevine News: Tas Pappas broke his femur...he rides for Mad Circle. Ben Schroeder is recovering from a car accident. Belgium Vert Results. England Vert Results. Simon Woodstock and Kit Erickson ride fora new company called Sonic International. Mike Santarossa, Mike Crum, and Caine Gayle have boards out on Color. Jason Dill and Gino Ianucci are now on 101. Carl Shipman (England) pro for Stereo. Pepe Martinez pro for Underworld Element. Jonas Wray pro for Black Label. Justin Ortiz kicked off Black Label now on Think. Christian Heitman (from Germany) is now pro for The Firm. Ed Templeton has a new company called Toy Machine. Ronnie Bertino now rides for Plan B. Girl Skateboards Team. Commercials: Mike Santarossa for Color, Etnies "Poor Oscar", Mad Circle "Styles For Miles", Milk, Andrew Reynolds for Birdhouse, Dave Duren for National Deal League, Skully Bros. International Video Catalog, Pepe Martine for Element (How's Your Life?).


Jason Rothmeyer Profiles: 
Bad Religion - Yesterday
Jason Rothmeyer Profiles: 
Bad Religion - Bad Religion
Darryl Vaughn Wheels Of Fortune: 
Ringworm - Nunb
Tom Penny Wheels Of Fortune: 
Cornershop - Trip Easy
Richard Angelides Wheels Of Fortune: 
Bad Religion - Anesthesia
Tas Pappas Wheels Of Fortune: 
Daw Hammer - Vigil Smile
Moses Itkonen Wheels Of Fortune: 
Confront - Payday
Munster Vert And Street Contests: 
Rich Kids On Lsd - Insane
Belgium Street Contests: 
NOFX - The Bag
Rad Lands / Northhampton Skatepark Contests: 
Sol - Hace Calor
Back To The City 5 Contests: 
Souls of Mischief - '93 Til Infinity
Visalia Skate Camp: 
Pennywise - Time To Burn
Woodward Skate Camp: 
Gibb Droll - Plastic Shuffle
Australia, Japan, Holland, Italy, New Zealand, England World Report: 
Bad Religion - Automatic Man
Australia, Japan, Holland, Italy, New Zealand, England World Report: 
Bad Religion - I Want To Conquer The World
Australia, Japan, Holland, Italy, New Zealand, England World Report: 
Bad Religion - Sanity
Transitions Transitions: 
The Offspring - Take It Like A Man
Rad Lands/Northhampton Skatepark Contests: 
Jacob's Mouse - Solo