411VM - Issue 3

411VM - Issue 3 cover art
The year was 1993. Koston Profile; Scott Johnston Profile; Mike Carroll, Felix Arguellas, Jan Waage, Ron Knigge, Simon Woodstock; Wheels of Fortune with Jeron Wilson; Philly Metrospective and so much more. Here's issue #3 of 411vm. 1. Intro 2. PROfiles: Scott Johnston 3. Wheels Of Fortune: Mike Judd, Javier Nunez, Matt Pailes, Tony Briseno, Joey Bast. 4. Commercial Break: 60/40 (Steven Cales, Mark Gonzales, Ron Chatman, Fabian Alomar); Etnies (Sal Barbier); Mad Circle's Christmas Ad; Birdhouse's "Untitled" Video Ad. 5. Keep Out: The World Park 6. Metrospective: Philadelphia, PA 7. Contests: Houston, TX October 15-17 8. Fine Tuning: Greg Hunt/Mike Carroll; Felix Arguelles; Jan Waage; Ron Knigge; Simon Woodstock. 9. Industry: SMA 10. Halloween 11. Commercial Break: Plan B (Ronnie Bertino, Jeremy Wray); New Deal and Beach Plus (John Montesi); Element Fine Artists Vol. 1 Video (Pepe Martinez). 12. Contests: Thrash-A-Thon - Pro Mini Ramp and Street Contest 13. 411 World Report: Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Sweden, Holland, Denmark 14. Wheels Of Fortune: Jeron Wilson, Craig Steele,Sage Humphries, Clause Dieta Span 15. Transition 16. Switchstance 17. Chaos 18. Commercial Break: Planet Earth Griptape; Skully Bros Video Catalogue; Anthony Carney MSG; NDL: The National Deal League. 19. PROfiles: Eric Koston 20. Grapevine: New FTC video, new Stereo video, Underworld Element video, Acme video, 101 video, Neighborhood video. Lavar McBride and Paulo Diaz ride for Blind. Jason Rothmeyer rides for Santa Cruz. ATM Click is a new company. Prime skateboards is a new company. Mike Vallely is on Powell (not Powell Peralta). Wade Speyer is on Think. Ryan Fabry on Toy Machine with Jahmal Williams, Ethan Fowler, Jerry Fowler. Jeremy Wray on Plan B. Keith Hufnagel is on Real. Chris Senn rides for Channel One. Moses Itkonen and Edward Devera on Mad Circle. Tom Knox on Sonic. Barker Barret is on Zoo York. Paul Luna pro for Blockhead. Andy Roy rides for Focus. Pure New Wheel Company announcement.


1. Intro: 
Sol - The Boxcar
2. PROfiles: Scott Johnston: 
Raised by Seuss - Face the Music
3. Keep Out: The World Park: 
Corduroy - High Havoc
4. Metrospective: Philadelphia, PA: 
The Whooliganz - Put Your Handz Up
5. Contests: Houston, TX October 15-17: 
6. Industry: SMA 1: 
NOFX - Together on the Sand
7. Industry: SMA 2: 
NOFX - Brain Constipation
8. Halloween: 
Mother Earth - Roadster
9. Contests: Thrash-A-Thon - Pro Mini Ramp and Street Contest: 
Corduroy - The Corduroy Orgasm Club
10. 411 World Report: Germany, Great Britain, Belgium: 
Raised by Seuss - Part of the Skeme
11. 411 World Report: Sweden, Holland: 
Teddybears - Powertrip
12. 411 World Report: Denmark: 
13. Wheels Of Fortune: Jeron Wilson, Craig Steele: 
Raised by Seuss Feat. Mike Lew - Fly Away
14. Wheels Of Fortune: Sage Humphries: 
N/A - N/A
15. Wheels Of Fortune: Clause Dieta Span: 
N/A - N/A
16. Transition, Switchstance, Chaos: 
Mother Earth - Knowledge (Rap Version)
17. PROfiles: Eric Koston: 
18. Outro/Credits: 
Raised by Seuss - Another Graduate