66 Tapes Later

66 Tapes Later cover art
Early 2000's Toronto skateboard video by Mike Essner (Shred Central). Featuring parts from Morgan Smith, Bryan Gibbs, Adam Mancini, Aidan Johnston and Tomas Morrison. Plus montages of Toronto locals, the infamous bumrush, demos (Birdhouse, Hollywood, Seek, 88) and the West 49 Canadian Open (Carroll, Creager, Bartie, Scott Johnson, PLG). Demos: Birdhouse, 88 Footwear, Volcom, Hollywood, Seek.


1. Intro: 
The Cars - Magic
2. Perception Crew: 
CunninLynguists Feat. Masta Ace - Seasons
3. Summer Demos Intro: 
AFI - Morningstar
4. Summer Demos 2: 
Isaac Hayes - Theme From Shaft
5. Intermission / Bumrush: 
GGP - 66 Tapes Later
6. Morgan Smith (Into Montage): 
Box Car Racer - Letters To God
7. Last Year... West 49 2002: 
AFI - The Lost Souls
8. West 49 Canadian Open 2003: 
The Jealous Sound - Anxious Arms
9. Bryan Gibbs, Adam Mancini, Aidan Johnston: 
David Smeke - Invasión de Mi Espacio
10. Outro Montage, Credits: 
Whitesnake - Here I Go Again
11. Credits 2: 
The Get Up Kids - Out of Reach