N.W.A. - Live Intro (1989)
Intro #2: 
Black Sabbath - Supertzar
Ryan Gee: 
Gang Starr - Tha Squeeze
Car Jump: 
Guns n' Roses - November Rain
Beanie Sigel - Mac Man
Henry Sanchez & Marcus McBride: 
Guns N' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle
Giovanni Reda: 
Nino Rota - The Godfather Waltz
Ako Jefferson: 
Amil - 4 Da Fam
Ako Jefferson slow motion: 
Jay-Z - Hova Song (Outro)
Brandon Biebel: 
Livin' It Up - Ja Rule
Lee "Dogg" Dupont Intro: 
Aaliyah - Back & Forth
Lee "Dogg" Dupont: 
2Pac - Hit Em Up
Night Vision: 
Knight Rider Anthem - Knight Rider Anthem
Froston (Eric Koston): 
G.G. Allin - Bite It You Scum
Atiba Jefferson: 
DMX - Ruff Ryders Anthem Reggae Remix
Atiba Jefferson Slow Motion: 
Styles P - Holiday
Fat Boys: 
Fat Boys - Fat Boys Are Back
Europe Hags: 
Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant
Ty Evans #1: 
N.W.A. - 100 Miles and Runin'
Ty Evans #2: 
Ice Cube - The Bomb
Chief (Jamie Thomas): 
Tru - Hoody Hooo (feat. Master P)
Gabe "Morf"ord: 
Black Sabbath - Sabbra Cadabra
Credits #1: 
Credits #2: 
Daft Punk - One More Time
Credits #3: 
Mobb Deep - Nessun Dorma