Los Tiki Phantoms - Vulcan
Chris Pfanner: 
Iron Skull - Reason To Fight
Pascal De Stenna: 
Too Hip For The Room - Never Like This Before
Los Tiki Phantoms - Spaghetti & El Pulpo
Louis Taubert & Keno Ringering #1: 
Too Hip For The Room - 24 Hours Of The Day
Louis Taubert & Keno Ringering #2: 
Shap - 20 Years Ago
Lucas Fiederling: 
Johnny Crash - Hey Kid
Dominik Peters & Alex Fiedler: 
Free Spirit - Shadow Of A Man
Jan Meusen & Manuel Schmalen: 
Ex-T Beats - Mojo Popa
Florentin Marfaing: 
Ex-T Beats - Crossing The Line
Kilian Heuberger #1: 
Malte Schroers - You Can´t Talk
Kilian Heuberger #2: 
Johnny Crash - Axe To The Wax
Bülent Kurtca: 
General Musashi - Boogie Man
Mark Frölich #1: 
Ford T - Shotgun Charlie
Mark Frölich #2: 
Ray Minhinnett - Change Is Gonna Come
Mark Frölich #3: 
Ford T - Devil In Disguise
Outro #1: 
Jason Miller - Last To Go Home
Outro #2: 
Los Angela - Hole In My heart
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Pagan Baby