From IAN STONEBROOK at In 1966, brothers Paul and Jim Van Doren set out on a simple mission: to create shoes for customers in California and sell them directly to the public instead of selling them wholesale to retailers. The Van Doren brothers, along with partners Gordon Lee and Serge Delia, officially opened for business on March 16 at 704 E. Broadway in Anaheim, California. On their first day of business, Van Doren sold 12 made-to-order pairs of their #44 Deck Shoes, better known as the Authentic. Over time, Vans sneakers became an instant success within the skate community, thanks in large part to their vulcanized waffle soles. Beyond the skate community, the sneakers served as a source of self-expression due to their customization business model. The business boomed over the course of the next decade and by 1978, their product offering grew with the introduction of the Old Skool, Classic Slip-On, Sk8-Hi and Era models. The Vans mission continued to evolve over the decades, setting their sights firmly on skateboarding in the '70s, sponsoring the Warped Tour in the '90s, and becoming a staple of street culture and sneaker collecting worldwide in the ‘00s. From the Van Doren Rubber Company's California origins to its global meteoric rise, discover how Vans brought together the worlds of music, fashion and sports like no other, all while staying true to its core values.
Danny Brady x Rory Milanes: 'safe' cover
danny brady, rory milanes
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Done. cover
Done. (2009)
florentin marfaing ("flo"), chris pfanner, keno ringering, louis taubert, jan meusen , and more
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SIKWENS (2024)
eugene choi, minhyuk lee, hyunseok hong, donghyeok kim, hyunseong im
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Vans - "Keepsake" By Shari White cover
rick mcCrank, ray barbee, gilbert crockett, rowan zorilla, kevin shealy , and more
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Vans - Alright, OK. cover
gilbert crockett, elijah berle, justin henry
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Vans - Blurry cover
danny brady, chima ferguson, andrew allen, rory milanes, curren caples , and more
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Vans - Brasil Tour cover
alex perelson, omar hassan, jeff grosso, steve caballero, josh borden , and more
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Vans - Credits cover
beatrice domond, fabiana delfino, breana geering ("breezy"), una farrar, shari white , and more
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Vans - Curren Caples cover
curren caples, louie lopez, jake anderson
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Vans - Downtown Showdown cover
angel ramirez, cairo foster, corey duffel, dustin dollin, jereme rogers , and more
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Vans - Kingdom For A Cooler cover
dustin dollin, florentin marfaing ("flo"), chris pfanner, joseph biais, kalle wiehn , and more
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Vans - Learn To Ride cover
john cardiel, salman agah, dave carnie, cara-beth burnside ("c.b.")
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Vans - Much Quiet cover
dustin dollin, danny brady, chris oliver, joseph biais, rory milanes , and more
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Vans - Nice To See You cover
chima ferguson, notis aggelis, dustin henry, ronnie sandoval, pedro delfino , and more
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Vans - No Other Way cover
geoff rowley, anthony van engelen ("ave"), chima ferguson, andrew allen, daniel lutheran , and more
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Vans - Pedro Delfino's "Road to Nowhere" cover
tyson peterson, pedro delfino
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Vans - Pleased To Meet You cover
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Vans - Propeller cover
geoff rowley, dustin dollin, anthony van engelen ("ave"), jason dill, tony trujillo ("tnt") , and more
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Vans - Spinning Away cover
geoff rowley, dustin dollin, matt bennett, chris pfanner, chima ferguson , and more
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Vans - Take It Back cover
geoff rowley, pedro barros, ronnie sandoval
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Vans - U Reckon cover
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Vans / Pop Trading Company - Pop/Vans '22 cover
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Vans APAC - Petals cover
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Vans Canada - Courtesy cover
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