Vans APAC - Petals

Vans APAC - Petals cover art
Vans APAC proudly presents Petals, a skateboarding video featuring Australia’s Rome Collyer with Rio Morishige, Daiki Hoshino, Rubianda, Eugene Choi, and the rest of the Vans APAC Skate Team. Coming from different places around Asia, the crew made their way through Indonesia, South Korea, China, Malaysia and a sprinkle of Singapore. Each of them, as Petals, forming into one flower to represent their similar bond for skateboarding. Featuring: Rome Collyer, Rio Morishige, Rubianda, Daiki Hoshino, Eugene Choi, Basral Graito, Toa Sasaki, Hina Maeda, Dede, High Zai, Jojo, Jia Wei, Jia Liang, Sharil Effendy and Fikri Fauzi. Filmed by Mark Khor and Joy Suryawan. Additional Filming by Tommy Zhao, BTX and Rubianda. Produced by Elijah Kislevitz, Tommy Zhao and Munir Muhammad. Artwork by Kide Baharudin. Still Photography by Kenji Haruta, Ajiem Serr and Noor Haizan.


1. Intro: 
Mamazu Feat. Alizarina - Sun Dance
2. Rio Morishige: 
Talisman - Stride On
3. Segue: 
Wolf Muller and Niklas Wandt - Kleinner Trommelbaum
4. Eugene Choi: 
Kunzharyq Feat. Adam Halliwell - An Najma
5. Montage: 
Kuunatic - Dewbow
6. Rubianda: 
Fishfood (Andy Fairley) - Modern Dance Craze
7. Rome Collyer Intro: 
Maggot - The Great Wall of Aria (Isolated Guitar)
8. Rome Collyer: 
Me - Water