Transworld - Free Your Mind

Transworld - Free Your Mind cover art


Transworld Video #14. Free Your Mind showcases the talents of three individuals in pursuit of personal freedom. Take a ride with Dan Drehobl, Rob Welsh and Darrell Stanton as they get a lift from some familiar faces who understand the liberation that is skateboarding. As Da Clown says: "Everyone does their own thing, that's what makes the world go round." Open up your funky mind and you can fly. Free Your Mind showcased the smallest number of parts to date, but truly had one of the greatest variety of skaters. Parts included the tightest of trannies shredded by Dan Drehobl (who racked up the most expensive music credits to TransWorld date with “Time Of The Season”), the steezy technicality of Rob Welsh, and the beefy gaps and rails skated by Darrell Stanton including his backside overblunt on clipper.


PHD of Lower Life Form - The Wash (instrumental)
16mm Montage: 
Kinski - Rhode Island Freakout
Freedom Beard: 
Mr. E - Don't Let 'em Shut You Down
Jim's Ramp: 
The Sadies - Only Good One
Dan Drehobl: 
The Zombies - Time of the Season
Ghost Rider: 
Mr. E - Funky
16mm Montage: 
Appogee - Coral
Rob Welsh: 
Cellski - Frisco
Da Clown: 
Mr. E - Clownin
Mophono - Smile 2002
Darrell Stanton: 
Cymande - Bra
Credits #1: 
The Sadies - A#1
Credits #2: 
Cumulonimbus - Skunk
Bonus - From Ojay to AZ #1: 
C Average - Starhok
Bonus - Canada: 
The Amazing Verticalville - Milkboy