Transworld - i.e.

Transworld - i.e. cover art
Transworld Video #11. As skateboarding falls into the limelight of mainstream society, skateboarders are adapting to the ever-growing restrictions and adversities placed upon them. From patching cracks to building personal skateparks, i.e. explores the experience of pushing the boundaries of skateboarding in a world full of limitations. i.e. demonstrates the building block spots and roof gap insanity of Daewon Song, as well as the nonchalance of Mark Appleyard with his nollie heel front board on the El Dorado seven. The finesse of Anthony Pappalardo was also illustrated in addition to Caine Gayle and Rod Dyrdek showcasing the first ever conceived TF. High speed boosts from Diego Bucchieri closed it.


Rachel's - Rhine & Courtesan
Built To Spill - Stab
Daweon Song: 
Mr. Dibbs - Skin Therapy
Mark Appleyard: 
The Sea and Cake - The Argument
Sunny Day Real Estate - Tearing In My Heart
Anthony Pappalardo: 
Mr. Dibbs - I Hate Greg
Rob Dyrdek & Caine Gayle: 
DJ DNO - The TF Track
Stress Montage: 
Tristeza - Opiate Slopes
Diego Bucchieri: 
Turing Machine - Robotronic
Atiba - Ah Yeah 9