Transworld - Let's Do This!

Transworld - Let's Do This! cover art
Transworld Video #19. Jon Holland and Jason Hernandez’s last opus working together, Let’s Do This! starts off with a part full of smooth and rugged clips of Brian Brown (including out-of-nowhere switch backside crailslide guest appearance by Danny Montoya. All-around annihilator, Clint Peterson, follows with tricks on just about everything the streets have to offer. A true comeback part, Peter Smolik boosts over fences and off rocks.


The Solution - End Of The Day
Brian Brown: 
Blue Mink - Jubilation
Clint Peterson: 
Jethro Tull - A Song For Jeffery
Deep Purple - Hush
Peter Smolik Intro: 
Bootz - SM Intro
Peter Smolik: 
Wooley - Secret Recipe
Devine Calloway Intro: 
Garage Band - Travel
Devine Calloway: 
The Solution - Words
Emmanuel Guzman Intro: 
Islah Guzman - La Familia
Emmanuel Guzman: 
Suicidal Tendencies - Trip At The Brain
Trans Am - First Words
Bonus - Brian Brown: 
Bonus - Sk8mafia Montage: 
Whitey Herzogs - Stars Are Shinin
Bonus - Montage: 
Pacific Stereo - Knuckles Full of Teeth
Bonus - Pole Jam: 
Cinco - The Jam is Complete
Bonus - Tony Hawk's Project 8: 
Kasabian - Club Foot
Bonus - Sun Diego Montage: 
The Yardbirds - Heart Full of Soul
Bonus - Stereo Montage: