Transworld - Outliers

Transworld - Outliers cover art
From those born into it, to those locked out from it, those who moved to be part of it and those hiding from it, Outliers represents a cast of skateboarders from diverse geographical backgrounds and demonstrates how their proximity to skateboarding’s epicenter has affected the way they skate.


P. Blackk - Godalmighty
Riley Hawk: 
Sacri Monti - Slipping From The Day
Marius Syvanen Intro: 
Deadxbeat - Agua
Marius Syvanen: 
White Fence - Destroy Everything Now
Marius Syvanen Outro: 
Hager Brothers - Hammers 2
Neen Williams Intro: 
Deadxbeat - Nitenite
Neen Williams: 
The Silver Skeleton Band - Bijoux
Badbadnotgood - Triangle
Lee Yankou Intro: 
Deadxbeat - Getwithmi
Lee Yankou: 
Ty Segall - The Drag
Zered Bassett Intro: 
Deadxbeat - Mellowoutgurl
Zered Bassett: 
Dinosaur Jr - The Leper
Brad Cromer: 
Modest Mouse - Tundra/Desert
P. Blackk - Roll Call