Transworld - Subtleties

Transworld - Subtleties cover art


Transworld Video #16. Subtleties: a: the quality of being imperceptible, intangible, or remote (Pat Duffy) b: indefinable, abstruse (Brian Wenning) c: highly skillful, expert, craftsman (Brandon Biebel) d: difficult to understand; obscure, hard to distinguish or describe (Kyle Leeper) e: a fine-drawn or delicate distinction; a refinement of perception or comprehension (Stefan Janoski). Edited and directed by Jon Holland and Jason Hernandez, Subtleties opened with a part from legendary Pat Duffy and followed up with the strong and graceful ledge and manny combos from Brandon Biebel and Brian Wenning. Then-unknown Kyle Leeper dipped in and out of ledges in new ways (Cab flip back noseblunt!), while Stefan Janoski primed the credit reel with his unmistakable casual style.


Portastatic - Looking for Leonard theme
Pat Duffy Intro: 
Pacific Stereo - Goth Rocker vs. Sunday Afternoon
Pat Duffy: 
The Humpers - Drunk Tank
Trans Am - Outmoder
Brandon Biebel & Brian Wenning Intro: 
KY Brigante - We Never Stop (instrumental)
Brandon Biebel & Brian Wenning: 
Louie Vega - Jungle Fever
16mm Montage: 
The Sea and Cake - To The Author
Kyle Leeper Intro: 
JT for Mr. E Productions - B-Ball
Kyle Leeper: 
Ocean Colour Scene - Hundred Mile High City
Stefan Janoski Intro: 
JT for Mr. E Productions - Feel Free
Stefan Janoski: 
Modest Mouse - Paper Thin Walls
Emperor Penguin - Streets and Stars
Bonus - Miami: 
Pacific Stereo - Come On (Go Stereo)