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From The G & S "History" Section Of Their Website: 1970's The late 60’s early 70’s experienced the beginnings of the short board revolution. Always staying current but never sacrificing integrity, Gordon and Smith was able to successfully lead this progression of change to become, at that time, the world’s largest surfboard manufacturer . Few of the other established manufacturers survived this transition with the extinction of traditional longboards. During this time Gordon and Smith also become one of the largest, most successful skateboard companies and one of the first to sponsor professional teamriders. Skateboarding exploded as the company sold 500 Fibreflex skateboards per day with a 6 month backlog and skaters became overnight superstars.
Gordon & Smith - Footage cover
rob dyrdek, willy santos, neil blender, remy stratton, steve claar , and more
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Gordon & Smith - Stun cover
matt beach, willy santos, kris markovich, remy stratton, leigh peterson , and more
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Gordon & Smith - The '84 Gordon And Smith Skateboard Team cover
neil blender, jim gray, chris miller, eric nash, billy ruff , and more
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Gordon & Smith - Winona Riders cover
willy santos, kris markovich, mark heintzman, shannon may, matt schnur
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Skateboard Gang cover
neil blender, mike youssefpour, steve alba ("salba"), rob roskopp, rodney cassel , and more
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