Octagon Wheels


Octagon Wheels was a UK wheel brand distributed from the guys who did Blueprint Skateboards. Founded in 1999, Octagon Wheels boasted a talented team of rippers including: Daniel 'Snowy' Kinloch, Olly Todd, Gustav Eden, Joel Curtis, Jamie Bolland, Adrian French, Jacob Sawyer, Mark Jackson, Toby Shuall, Vaughan Baker, Greg Finch and others. The team was originally supposed to be just eight riders representing each side of an Octagon, but soon the team ballooned to accommodate London’s urethane underprivileged. Olly Todd and Snowy both had signature “spectragon” wheels. (See the gallery below for old Ads) There was an Octagon section in Blueprint’s Waiting for the World. In that section there is a backside nollie flip at 01:50 by Mark Jackson for which he claims: 'That Backside Nollie flip is one of the best tricks ever done in London.' Octagon Wheels called it a day around 2003." -Will, Kingpin Skateboarding Magazine
Blueprint - Waiting For The World cover
john rattray, paul shier, vaughan baker, mark baines, nick jensen , and more
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